Jail Diary

Monday, June 18, 2012

Work of Art from Jail

After announcing Art Competition in open catagory, I started waiting for views,comments and of course, entries. I got very bitter remarks that how a 4 year child will stand before a 44 years old veterans? I was told, that in the name of art, you are making us fool. Some said, this will not get successful. My fingers were crossed. I was just waiting. In spite of people's comments and reactions, entries started coming from all over India.
One fine day, I got a call from the Jailer of Thane Central Jail- "Madam! We had seen advertisement of your Art Competition. We have one inmate name Ramesh Owle. He is very good in art. He is a very good man too. He had participated in various programs and competitions and he scored every where. We request to accept his entry also". He was a littele apprehensive that whether a prisoner can participate or not.
I heard him pateintly and told that this competition is open for all. So, each and every person of this earth is entitled to participate in it.
He sent his entry.  It was a pencil sketch. A highly professional lines and sketch. I dont know any thing about art and drwaing, but to see that work, I was very happy. I was sure that certainly this work would be liked by the judges. But what will happen, if it wont liked by them?
Positive-negative-both thoughts came into my mind. but, I did not care. I just thought- "let stipulated period get over. Let me request some artists to judge these entries. .........

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