Jail Diary

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Result of Art competition

When Result of Art competition was declared and a convicted prisoner was declared as one of the winners, I informed jail authority of Thane Central Jail. I had received the number along with the entry. I dialed it. A Hawaldar type of person had received my call. I narrated the purpose of calling there. He connected me to the jailer.  I discussed that how can we reward him? Will you bring it to our place, where AVITOKO is going to celebrate its annual function? I was not apprehensive, but 100% sure that they will not allow an inmate to come out to receive the award.

Then? Shall we go? A asked. The Jailer of Thane Central Jail Mr. Karnik said, "For this, you will have to talk to our Superintendent Saheb".


"He is 'sabse bada Saheb.' He is only the authority to decide."

"Owoooo! I was thinking that you are the highest authority."

He laughed- "In films, we are shown like that."

My knowledge was also gathered from Hindi films only. I also laughed a little. Anyways, I requested him whether I can talk to his Bada Saheb. He connected the phone to him.

"Hello" ....O God! A very good, cultured voice appeared. Was he a radio artist?" I thought. My Radio curiosity! I was in All India Radio and came across with several good voices. Good, cultured Radio Voices.

"Yes Madam! What can I do for you?" Mr. Superintendent asked.

"Sir, As you know that your one of the inmates had sent his entry for our Art Competition and you would be happy to note that he has won Judges Special Award and that also in open category."

"I know that."

"We want to reward him. But how, unable to understand. Please guide."

"What is the problem to understand? You are aware that he is a prisoner. So he cant go to receive the award."

" Then can we come over there?"

"For this, you will have to come here first. Elaborate your program. Then we will see."

"OK. When should I come?"

"Any day between 11 am to 1pm." He disconnected the phone. ......... (Contd)

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